Forest Whitaker’s Transformation Adventure

Look back in to 1982, there seemed to be a coming of time comedy that helped launch so much careers, and it was “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. Among the list of actors in the movie was Forest Whitaker, who described a good football player with a hot temper. This role would result in Whitaker gaining lots of new roles in the 1980’s, including unforgettable movies like “The Color of Money”, “Platoon” and of course “Good Morning, Vietnam”.

Forest Whitaker surely did keep his acting career going strong throughout the 1990’s and also as well into the new century, maintaining himself being a A-list film star. Whitaker has shown up himself in recent popular films such as “Southpaw”, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and “Taken 3”. He has certainly proven to be a multipurpose actor, and has even gotten behind the camera to direct a few films including “Hope Floats”.

He has always been a great man, but when he had started his acting career, he was big in the case of being brawny and muscular. As time went on, we saw a new Whitaker that didn’t seem to be as in shape as his the younger self. Although he was already slightly weight problems around 2005, Whitaker made a decision to pack on some pounds purposely to play a role. The role was to portray Idi Amin, the former President of Uganda.

Being a fantastic character actor, Forest Whitaker found himself into the role extremely, eating all that he could to gain around 50 to 70 pounds. While putting on the weight, Whitaker even learned how to speak Swahili and play the accordion in what must have been very interesting few months. When it was eventually all said and done, his role in “The Last King of Scotland” was well gotten, and he earned an Oscar for his incredible work in front of the camera.

He also seemed to be thinner during the awards show, leading severals to wonder how he had lost so much of his bad fat so quickly. Whitaker began to eat a vegetarian diet while getting back into exercise. Within months, he no longer seemed like his character. Then, instead of settling where he was at before like so many of us do after losing weight, he decided to keep going. When 2011 rolled around, Whitaker was looking thinner than ever.

Whitaker was able to cut out all of the fast and junk food in his magic diet that added pizza and ice cream, instead only eating vegetables (and even more). Whitaker said that “I cut all the soy out and it changed everything, ” and it was estimated that he had lost a total of 100 pounds since his film role. Whitaker says that his new and better lifestyle was also a way of helping him to avoid potential dangerous health complications from being obese, including diabetes and cancer.

There have been some gossips that thought that Whitaker had undergone weight loss surgery that gave him such a dramatic transformation, but those were found to be untrue. It seems that Whitaker is all in on being a vegetarian along with his wife, as he is currently a spokesman for PETA. Most celebrities have had trouble keeping weight off for an extended period of time, but it has been nearly a decade for Whitaker and he’s still looking just as thin.

While a vegetarian healthy eating plan might be very difficult for most of us to stick to, it has worked well for him in his new lifestyle. Whitaker says that he has been getting a lot of cardio exercise to stay heart healthy, as well, participating in exercise like jogging, hiking and swimming. The weight loss has also helped Whitaker portray a wider range of characters, and even landed him the role of the intimidating Saw Gerrara in the new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. If going vegetarian means that we could get a role in a “Star Wars” film, then a lot more people would probably be doing it.

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