Here’s How Perez Hilton Re-Shaped His Life with a Simple Diet

Perez Hilton is certainly one of (if not the) most widely known celebrity gossip blogger. Although many have fallen to know his name, most people don’t know that a long time before Mario Lavandeira would go on to publish maybe the most successful gossip blog in the world, he had acting dreams of his own.

After graduating from New York University, Mario attempted to kickstart his acting career. Even though he never made it to the big screen, Perez found quite a bit of success after switching his focus to online world, blogging. The writer says that he turned to blogging “because it looked like it was easy. ”

His popular site, PerezHilton. com (formally known PageSixSixSix. com), pulls millions of visitors every single month. Most of the people are visiting know Mario for his unquestionable desire to be part of the celebrity culture. Not like most of other bloggers, Mario is very hands on with his gossips and stories. He usually writes about his own experiences at award shows, clubs, bars, or some other exclusive events which he was asked to join.

If you’ve checked out Mario’s blog during the last few years, then you’ve perhaps already saw the amazing transformation that he undergone. In the interview with Shape Magazine, Perez mentioned to struggling with his weight loss for his entire life. At one point, he just said “enough” and decided to transform his body.

During the period of around 3 years Perez lost more than 70 pounds, and was able to keep them off ever since. His accurate weight loss is hard to pin down, considering that the blogger refuses to step on a scale. Although there is no arguing that he looks great right now, Hilton’s weight loss journey was a long and challenging process.

Perez says that his training regiment was very intense. Towards the end of his transformation the blogger was doing exercise seven days a week, sometimes even hitting the gym twice on a single day. In order to maintain his interest in exercising, Perez says which he would switch up his workouts – varying what he would do every day.

Besides cardio and weightlifting, Perez also bundled pilates and yoga into his schedule. On top of that, the blogger would also go on a few long hikes every week, and take a long bike ride every weekend.

Even though his training program wasn’t easy, it wouldn’t had been enough on its own. Perez says that an important part of his weight loss journey success can be assigned to an improved diet.

“I eat a very clean diet. I am luckily enough to get my meals delivered, which makes a huge difference for me. If i don’t have to think about it, and I know that everything I’m putting into my body is good for it and the proper portions and the right balances of food, it makes it so simple. And I’m not tempted to cheat. ”

Since convenient as getting your meals measured out and delivered might be, not everyone can afford this luxury. If you’re one of those people, Perez has a solution for you. His suggestion is to buy a healthy cookbook and prepare an entire week worth of food ahead of time. That way you’re able to fine tune your portions, and are also more likely to stay committed.

Besides from being pre-measured and pre-cooked, Perez’s meals were not a single thing special. He didn’t stick to any fad diets, but simply focused on not over consuming the foods that he was already eating. Over time, this small change has compounded and added up to more than 70 pounds lost.

Nowadays, Perez is in the best shape of his life, but he doesn’t plan to stop working on himself any time soon. He says that his fitness idols are the likes of David Beckham and Zac Efron, and that he himself plans to continue spending so much time for a similar body.

“I don’t want to be big or bulky or “muscley” I want to be slim, defined, athletic, and super fit. ”.

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