How Keely Shaye Smith Incredibly Shaped Herself ?

Keely Shaye Smith has been around in various forms of media channels throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. First of all she earned popularity for showing herself in a music video clip for Huey Lewis and the News called “Stuck With You”. She also had a chance to some modeling during that period, doing work for Elite Models and seeking to break into show business and journalism as a broadcast major. Keely Shaye Smith would likely branch out into acting career, taking place on the show “General Hospital” before jumping into journalism business. In her career, Keely Shaye Smith has been a correspondent on a lot of different shows like “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Good Morning America” and “Entertainment Tonight”.

In 1994, she met famous actor Pierce Brosnan at the beach in Mexico. Pierce Brosnan unfortunately had lost his wife only three years ago, Cassandra Harris to cancer and she was at just 42 years old. It was very important time period for Brosnan, he said that “I found a great woman in Keely Shaye. Not if i searched a million times over would I find one as good. ” The couple would likely to start a relationship, and later get married in 2001.

From the time the couple has been in a relationship, there were talks about Smith’s pounds. Over the years, her weight problem had crept up more and more. Part of the reason for Smith’s weight gain over the years was that she was more concentrated on growing up the couple’s two boys, Dylan and Paris than on going to the gym. Dylan has been working as a popular model just like his mother did, acting in a Burberry advertisement campaign recently. As for Paris, he’s enjoying the teenage life and is regularly seen palling around with his famous parents.

According to friends who’re close to Keely Shaye Smith, she tried many several popular weight losing diets in the past like Atkins and South Beach, but she wasn’t able to sustain them long-term. Brosnan (who once famously acted James Bond character) never really seemed to mind the weight gain, even saying that people who have made comments are “nasty. ” Tabloids wouldn’t stop mentioning Smith’s weight, saying that Brosnan appreciated Smith’s curves and that they both enjoyed eating large meals. The same tabloids said that Smith was having extreme difficulty losing weight, and was thinking about liposuction to Brosnan’s protest.

Smith shocked the world in 2015, after photos surfaced of the happy couple riding bicycles in Malibu. Smith reportedly lost just over 100 pounds. An insider close to Smith said that instead of trying the latest fad diet and counting calories, Smith made a lifestyle change. She simply started exercising and eating healthier. It was an interesting change as Brosnan admitted that the couple’s diet consisted mainly of carb-filled foods and wine just two years prior.

Smith has recently directed a film called “Poisoning Paradise”. Smith says that she’s an island girl, and really likes spending time in Hawaii. Her new documentary details the farming practices in America’s 50th state that have a negative effect on the environment in Hawaii, especially in the seed corn department. Smith loves organic food, and has been a protestor for genetic engineering and pesticides.

Even with all of the reports from blogs and tabloids regarding her weight in the past, Smith has never made a comment and rarely does interviews. Every once in awhile, you’ll start to see tabloid reports that the marriage between Smith and Brosnan is on the rocks, but that has proven time and time again to not be true. The couple is seen on an almost weekly basis showing their affection on the red carpet. Brosnan said that “I love (Keely’s) vitality, her passion. She has this strength that i wouldn’t be able to live without. When Keely looks at me, I go weak. ” That’s a pretty ringing endorsement from the husband himself.

Those close to the family say that Smith is proud of her weight loss and that she’s been able to maintain it. Smith also isn’t afraid to show it off, as she is often seen wearing tight black dresses when out and about. Will Keely Shaye Smith ever return to the size she was during her early modelling days in the 1980’s? Now at 53 years old, it doesn’t seem that likely, especially with Brosnan being very happy with her the way that she is. Plus, if you have a mean thing to say, are you really going to say it to James Bond?

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