Incredible Transformation From Chubby to Chumlee

Austin Lee Russell, better known with the moniker of Chumlee, is a 33-year-old business person and reality TV character. Nearly everybody probably know him for his look on History Channel’s reality Tv show – Pawn Stars. For those not following the series – the show chronicles these activities at the World famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las vegas, Nevada.

Chumlee is one of the staff members of the store, which also makes him one of the main characters on the show. Chumlee is 35 years old, and he’s been working at the store since he was 21. When filming the first season, he had been recently working in the shop for around five years. In the shop, Chumlee is in charge of testing all of the items received, writing tickets for items, and behind the counter work.

Since the start of the show, Chumlee has become the fan favourite. Despite being ridiculed for his incompetence and perceived lack of intelligence, Chumlee has been doing quite well. He was smart enough to capitalize on his popularity and launch a company of his own. His business sells novelty items (such as custom shirts) and arranges his personal appearances. Although other stars of the show also rub businesses on the side, none of them even come close to Chumlee in terms of sales.

Those that have been watching the show for a couple of seasons would have come to know Chumlee as a somewhat goofy (yet very likable) character. And up to 2013, most would also describe his as overweight. At his heaviest, Chumlee tipped the scales at about 325 pounds, which was starting to worry some of his friends and family.

That said, Chumlee’s losing weight was not influenced by his fear of potential health effects down the road, but rather a close friend’s incredible transformation. After seeing Corey Harrison (Pawn Stars co-star) drop nearly 200 pounds, Chumlee decided to change his lifestyle, too.

Instead of jumping right in, Chumlee began by making a few small, but permanent changes. For starters, he began by cutting out junk food, but in just a few weeks he stopped eating processed food altogether.

“I started at 320 pounds, and now I’m down to 225. When i first began, I eliminated all processed foods except mustard. ”

Towards the end of Chumlee’s weight loss journey, his diet program consisted of primarily vegetable smoothies, egg whites, nuts, lean meats, organic oatmeal, and rice cakes. Although he would still indulge every once in a while, he made sure to make it a special occasion.

Chumlee’s healthy eating plan certainly played a large part in his transformation, but his results wouldn’t have been as drastic without a workout regiment. Similar to his approach to nutrition, the tv star started off slow but ramped up his efforts as he progressed.

In an meeting, Chumlee said that he goes to the gym at least 6 times a week. Out of those days, half of them are focused on cardio. When it comes to cardio, he doesn’t just spend 30 min on a treadmill and call it a day. Chumlee alternates his mode of cardio between incline treadmill walking, Stairmaster, high-intensity interval training, and light jogging.

On top of cardio, he also spends three days a week in the weight room. Although he mostly focuses on body weight exercises and plyometrics, he also makes use of the machines. Most of his gym sessions are between 40 minutes and an hour, and he doesn’t go overboard with his training. The focus of his workouts is on frequency, rather than intensity.

It’s Chumlee’s philosophy of small, and more importantly – sustainable changes, that has contributed to much of his success. Instead of following a specific diet he simply focused on eating better quality foods while paying closer attention to the amount. In the gym, he is just looking to get his sweat on but doesn’t push to the point of puking.

The frequency and consistency of his workouts (along with a cleaner diet) have helped Chumlee lose more than 100 pounds. Although most of that weight was dropped by September of 2013, Chumlee managed to keep the pounds off since. There’s no arguing that he looks much happier and healthier now than he did anytime in the last decade. The small lifestyle changes that he has made have transformed into habits making it easier to stay on top of his transformation.

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