Kelly’s Impressive Look After Low Carb Diet

Populer singer Kelly Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Texas and made an effort to break into the music arena in her teenager years, though wasn’t getting much notice. That is going to change when Fox debuted “American Idol”, that Kelly Clarkson could get through the audition process and all the way to the final round. Clarkson would likely win the first season of the reality series, beating out Justin Guarini during this process. In the years since, Clarkson has been perhaps the most successful former “Idol” contestant, singing hit songs such as “A Moment Like This”, “Miss Independent” and “Stronger”.

Some of the superstars have been riding a weight rollercoaster for much of their grownup life, and of course Clarkson is no exception to this rule. Clarkson was always thin while growing up, but said that it was included with a price. She admitted back in 2007 that while she was in high school, she lost a part in a musical to a student that she felt was not as talented, but was thinner. Kelly Clarkson said that “I thought if i came back and I was cuter and thinner, then I’ll get the role. ” This triggered her to go through several months of fighting an eating disorder, saying that she became bulimic.

Clarkson eventually “snapped out of it” after six months, though she would continue to maintain a slim figure when she started on “American Idol” at just 20 years old. Clarkson would show off her figure quite frequently on the series and then in the movie “From Justin to Kelly”, all while continuing to churn out hits. Then, something changed, as it appeared Clarkson was slowly putting on weight over the next few years.

Three years after winning “American Idol”, people started to take notice that Clarkson’s flat stomach was starting to protrude out more, gaining an estimated 30 to 40 pounds by 2008. Clarkson’s career had started to slide a little bit, and she was at her highest weight at the time. She would reemerge after losing 30 pounds, focusing more on herself instead of life on the road, getting into an exercise and diet routine.

Clarkson would mix in a lot of workouts that included boxing and strength cardio, and choosing fruits and vegetables and raw nuts instead of big fast food meals. Clarkson looked more like she did in her “American Idol” days, and she also started a new relationship. However, Clarkson’s weight would go back on the upswing after starting her relationship, gaining a noticeable amount of weight over the next year.

Clarkson admitted that she piled back on the pounds that she had lost, and she went even farther, appearing to be at her heaviest by 2013. Clarkson said that it has been a struggle, saying that “sometimes I’m more fit and I get into kickboxing hardcore. And then sometimes I don’t and I’m like ‘I’d rather have wine. ’” It wouldn’t get any easier as Clarkson then got pregnant with her first child, with some estimating that she had put on around 50 pounds, and then even more weight came with a second pregnancy. Some sources had even said that after a pair of pregnancies, Clarkson’s weight was now sitting at over 200 pounds.

Unlike her first pregnancy, Clarkson appeared to kick into high gear, getting back into a weight loss routine in 2016. Clarkson looked much thinner than before her first pregnancy even started, taking six months to drop the weight. It’s estimated that Clarkson has dropped more than 50 pounds during that time, bouncing back in a huge way. Now that she has a smaller figure, we’ll see if Clarkson is able to maintain it this time, or if there is another weight rebound on the way. Clarkson has been open about her changing weight through the years, so we’re sure to be up to date every step of the way.

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