Leah Remini’s 80lbs Weight Loss Journey

After starting on “Who’s the Boss?”, Leah Remini once definitely auditioned with the character Monica on the very popular show “Friends”. However the role would head off to Courteney Cox, Remini would likely land on her feet just some years afterwards. Remini had become a star thanks to her role on the long term “The King of Queens” where she acted Carrie for almost ten years. “The King of Queens” would end in 2007, and Remini has already had plenty of money making jobs since.

Remini started to be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” for the season 17, and she would also became one of the co-hosts on “The Talk”. Remini is no longer on the show, and says that she’s lately received many offers for television shows, but she is more focused to be with her sweet family. She has also written a tell-all around Scientology in Hollywood, which gained a lot of headlines in 2015.

She had never really had a problem with her weight while growing up, but things might change in 2004 while she was still starring on “The King of Queens”. Remini was expecting a baby with her first child, Sofia Belle, and unfortunately the weight started to rise on quickly. Being on tv, Remini was exposed to a lot of harsh criticism when she was gaining weight with her pregnancy. Remini would end up packing on 80 pounds as she prepared for motherhood, and it was very difficult for her to reverse back right away.

Remini tried to attempt some of the popular fat diets that you hear every single day about to losing the weight, but the pounds weren’t coming off. That’s when she decided that she must try to work with a professional personal trainer Gunnar Peterson to help her out. Remini would start working out with Peterson at five each morning daily. The training would end up working, as Remini started to get back to her thinner and better body shape. “I learned that you have to do something that works long term, ” she said. “I know it sounds trite, but it’s important to make a real commitments to yourself as a way of life change. ”

In terms of her eating habits, Remini needed change that too after involving on ice cream throughout her pregnancy. Remini enlisted the help of a cardiologist that put her on a weight loss diet that would help her curb the cravings that she had been potantially having. It also gave her a lot more energy as she learned portion control. The baby weight was finally gone after a couple of years of eating right and exercising.

Even now, Remini was a lttle bit taken aback by the fact that people weren’t asking her about her losing weight. “Nobody wanted to talk about how i actually did lose the weight, ” she said. “Just that i got fat. ” Remini also said that “When you have a baby and you aren’t blessed with a metabolism which you could get back into your jeans the very following day, it becomes something to pay attention to. ” Luckily, she was able to deflect that negative energy and focus on herself.

On a usual day during her diet journey, Remini would typically eat a healthy breakfast and a lunch that normally consisted of grilled chicken and salad. Even now, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her moments where she eats some of the foods that she loves. Remini has said that cheat days are incorporated into her journey. “You have to find boundaries that keep you in line, ” she said. “Like one cheat day after you lose so many pounds and then again adding a cheat day when you are at your ideal weight, once a week, months, whatever works. ”

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