Travolta’s Extremely Changing Look with “Eat Half” Diet

John Travolta kicked off his performing career with the movie “Grease”, however is not in how you think, as he was a part of the visiting stage production. After getting more good results on stage, he walked west where he had a big chance his first big role in the show “Welcome Back, Kotter”. John Travolta did have also a music performing career which has been taking off at that moment, and he was chosen as the lead in 1977’s “Saturday Night Fever”, getting him an Academy Award nomination.

His success briefly went on along with the smash hit “Grease” and next “Urban Cowboy” prior to the 1980’s saw a decrease in his successful acting career . The 90’s would help him go back to normal, beginning with 1994’s “Pulp Fiction”, bringing him his second Oscar nomination. With the rest of the 1990’s would show to be successful, although the early 2000’s were rough as a result of the flop “Battlefield Earth”. Travolta has witnessed another revival in his acting life since that time, and win praise in the recent series, “American Crime Story: The people vs. O. J. Simpson”.

And in addition not surprisingly , Travolta has appeared to have just as a lot of dramatic changes to his weight as he has had comebacks. Usually it has been for his craft, as he (John Travolta) was once down to his minimum grownup weight for “Grease” when he was weighing in at 165 pounds. By the late 1990’s, Travolta had put on weight purposely so that he could play a politician in the movie “Primary Colors”, which brought him up to a high (at the time) of 211 pounds.

Travolta’s usual weight when not contracting or widening for a role was around 190 pounds, but he said that he intentionally gotten five times for movie roles by the time 2000 even rolled around. Travolta said that he has a fondness for cheeseburgers, and that “it’s been fun gaining it” when talking about it intentionally, but that “It’s been fun losing it too, because then it’s about following up your diet and exercising hardly. I can easily lose the weight in five to six weeks, and as long as I’m busy, I can keep it off. ”

With the time the late 2000’s rolled around, Travolta had noticed that his weight climb up slowly, and people were getting used to the former dancer with his new weighty looking. He would big surprise people in 2013, shedding a lot of his extra weight and looking closer to his “Grease” days as he started to get close to 60 years old. Travolta appears to have been able to stick to his own plan, making sure that he’s not overeating and going to the gym on a regular basis.

Travolta now is visually very impressive for his age as he is now 62 years old, and recently showed up to the 2016 Emmy Awards appearing to be in great health and in great shape. He had to look a little puffier for his role in “The People v. O. J. Simpson”, but it appears that prosthetics might have helped out with that. The tabloids are no longer hounding Travolta for his weight escapades, as they famously estimated that he was weighing in at 300 pounds.

While he certainly packed on a noticeable amount of weight during the lull in his career, it’s not likely that the 6’2” Travolta gained that much weight, and his wife Kelly Preston has also been able to lose 40 pounds at the same time he did after giving birth. No matter what he weighed before, the extra weight has been shed for now as Travolta continues on the comeback trail once again. Just make sure to not let him pronounce Idina Menzel’s name again anytime soon. At least when he botched that introduction, people were still pointing out how good he looked for his age, so there’s always a silver lining.

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